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I am young lady who is looking to have a big business for doing hair and selling hair. A lot of people ask me why do I want to do hair and what made me start doing hair. Honestly, I didn’t want to do hair at all. Growing up my dream was just to go to college after graduating high school to be a psychologist. But, we all change our minds.  All my life, I grew up watching my mom do hair, all types of hair. Watching my mom do hair, is what made me want to do hair. So, I would tell my little cousin to come over so I could practice on her hair. No I didn’t do a good job because I was just trying stuff. I kept practicing and asking my mom for help and I got better and better. So much so, that at the age of 18, I began to sell bundles. I still wasn’t even thinking about doing hair. I just remember my mom saying “ I’m not going to keep giving you everything you want, if you don’t like working for people use your talents”. Sadly, little old me had so many talents, but I couldn’t choose from one. So, I just went online and found a wholesale buyer for hair.


My mom started my business off with $150. I ordered every inch and every texture of hair that I could and named them PorshaBundles. I would sell hair so much it got to the point where I sold out every week. Here’s where the styles came the age of 18 is when I did my first sew-in and yes it took so long . But, I accomplished that sew-in and felt like I was beginning to be like my mom, the best stylist in the world. I already had an Instagram business page for my bundles which I named PorshaBundles and later changed it to PorshaBundles_AndStyles (PorshaBundles&Styles), because I was now doing hair. Every since then my business has grown tremendously.


I call myself the 19 year old stylist, some people call me PorshaBundles&Styles. I hope keep my mothers dream & legacy going. I am my mother’s reflection, so I am the 2nd . We are the same business with the same styles. I’m just a newer version. I am here to bring my mother’s business back and that is what I dream to do. I want to own as many shops as I can and have my bundles to travel all across the world . So please shop my products and I promise you won’t be disappointed!




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Hello, I am Porsha White The CEO of StylesOnU🎬2. The name of my business comes from my mother who owned the business StylesOnU, so I decided to become the part 2!
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